Polymath (POLY) is leading the security token revolution

What is Polymath (POLY) crypto?

Polymath (POLY) Crypto provides technology to create, issue, and manage specific security tokens on the blockchain. The Polymath (POLY) Crypto spearheaded the creation of a unified standard for security tokens on Ethereum, ERC 1400, and more than 200 tokens have been deployed using the ethereum based solution of Polymath (POLY) Crypto. 

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Recognizing that the existing blockchains were insufficient to meet the regulatory requirements of the capital markets, Polymath (POLY) Crypto built Polymesh, an institutional-grade blockchain explicitly built for some regulated assets. The Polymath (POLY) Crypto streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving the inherent challenges with the public infrastructure around compliance, identity, governance, and settlement.

Who founded Polymath Crypto?

The Polymath (POLY) Crypto was founded while searching for a solution to tokenize a private fund. During this whole procedure, it became clear that the various technical and complex legal challenges further made it very difficult to launch securities on the blockchain. It additionally led to a much larger vision, and instead of launching just a single tokenized micro fund, why not make it easy for anyone to launch a security token. With this new idea, the Polymath (POLY) Crypto was born. Polymath (POLY) Crypto comprises different team members and contributors from all over the globe and a growing list of over fifty global service providers. 


What makes Polymath Unique?

The security tokens represent a tremendous market opportunity, but there are significant barriers standing in the way of institutional adoption. The Polymath (POLY) Crypto addresses these barriers with Polymesh, which is nothing complex but a simple institutional-grade blockchain built for the security tokens and the first specialized chain of this nature. 

Furthermore, the foundations of the Polymesh are focussed on providing through fundamental design principles the most crucial elements that different investors and issuers need and that regulators and institutions require: compliance, identity, confidentiality, and governance. When all these are put together, the four pillars also support more complex operations, like the settlement, when managing digital securities. The specificity of the Polymath (POLY) Crypto gives it, and the applications built on it, a distinct advantage over the general-purpose blockchains. The purpose-built infrastructure also addresses different gaps in standard blockchain architecture to align the functioning of this blockchain with the requirements of modern capital markets. In addition to the engineering Polymesh, the Polymath (POLY) Crypto has also built a series of tools on that chain. It offers non-technical users an intuitive means to access the functionality of the chains. By combining the deep functionality of Polymesh, the Polymath (POLY) Crypto has also built a series of tools on the chain that offer some non-technical users an intuitive means to access the functionality of the chains. By combining the deep functionality of the Polymesh with the user-friendly tools, the Polymath (POLY) Crypto stands to transform the capital markets.

How many are Polymath (POLY) Crypto there in circulation?

After a successful launch of the Polymath platform, the Polymath (POLY) Crypto was created to interact with the platform. The Polymath (POLY) Crypto is the utility token that fuels the Polymath Token Studio on Ethereum and is used by the issuers to create and manage the security tokens on the platform. Around 100,000 wallets hold Polymath (POLY) Crypto, with 240,000,000 tokens distributed during launch. The maximum supply of the Polymath (POLY) Crypto is 1 billion. Around 925,000,000 will be circulating by the end of January 31, 2000. The team was locked up the final 75m until January 2024. Polymesh is currently in the test net phase. When the Polymesh Mainnet launches, the ERC 20 POLY holders may optionally upgrade their POLY on a 1:1 basis for POLYX. The only POLYX that exist are those created via the upgrade process and any made by the blockchain for (POS) Proof of stake rewards. Once the main net is live, the circulating supply of the ethereum based POLY will decrease by the swapped amount to Polymesh.


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