How to Set Up a Crypto Business in Europe? Crypto Company Registration in Lithuania

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular every day. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or medium used to purchase goods and services anonymously. The most commonly used cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Cardano (ADA). These cryptos are named after their security mechanism, which utilises cryptography. Cryptocurrencies have resulted in the creation of new businesses seeking to profit from the sector’s expansion. As a result of the recent surge in cryptocurrency-centric work, several nations have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as a legitimate way of conducting business.

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Company in Lithuania

Lithuania has a relatively favourable regulatory framework for businesses working with blockchain technology. Companies can operate freely in Lithuania without government interference. Lithuania is a good location to begin a cryptocurrency enterprise because of its favourable regulatory environment. There are several ways to establish a business in Lithuania.

  • You can register the firm on an online platform like ICObench.
  • You can register a business moniker on the country’s official catalogue, the Register of Companies.
  • You may apply for a special licence from the Financial Crimes Prevention Authority (FCPA) to operate as a crypto company in Lithuania.

Why should you register a crypto business in Lithuania?

Lithuania has an excellent regulatory environment for blockchain businesses. This makes Lithuania a good place to establish a cryptocurrency business. Anyone may open a crypto business in Lithuania without paying a penny. To do so, you must just provide an email address and a firm’s name. The presence of this combination makes Lithuania a good place to establish a cryptocurrency business. Creating a company in Lithuania is simple and straightforward. The company name can be registered on Lithuania’s official register of companies, known as the Register of Companies. The Financial Crimes Prevention Authority (FCPA) offers a licence for crypto businesses, which gives your business a regulated status and greater legitimacy. This gives your business a regulated status and, therefore, greater legitimacy.



Lithuania has one of the most crypto-friendly regulatory environments in Europe for cryptocurrencies. Because of this, Lithuania is a good choice for crypto startup creation.

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