Fetch AI (FET) blockchain-based project aimed at introducing Artificial Intelligence

A FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY is the native cryptocurrency of Fetch.ai, which is a blockchain-based project aimed at introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the cryptocurrency economy. The main selling point is that its AEAs (Autonomous Economics Agent) are powered by Artificial Intelligence, the automated decentralized finance functions. The Autonomous economics agents are coined as the intelligent software agents; these agents can perform different tasks like finding the cheapest airline tickets to a particular destination or selling an item online to the highest bidder possible ever.

Fetch AI

The FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY was founded in the year 2017 and was launched via IEO on Binance in March 2019; FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY is an artificial intelligence lab building a permissionless, open, decentralized machine learning network with a simple crypto network. The FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY democratizes the access to artificial intelligence technology with a permissionless network that any person can connect and access the secure datasets by using some autonomous artificial intelligence in order to execute the tasks that will leverage the global network of data. Furthermore, the FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY is rooted in some use cases such as smart energy grids, optimizing the Defi trading services, transportation networks like micro-mobility, parking, as such, any essentially any complex digital system that relies on the large scale datasets.

Who Are The Founders Of The Fetch Ai (Fet) Cryptocurrency?

The FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY was founded by Humayun Sheikh, Toby Simpson, and Thomas Hain. Thomas Hain is the former CSO (chief science officer) of the Fetch Ai and was also the co-founder and director of Koemei. Humayun Sheikh is the current CEO of the FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY and is also the founder of its and Uvue, being the co-founder of Mettalex. On the other hand, Toby Simpson is the former COO and now a recent member of the advisory board of FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY. He was also the CTO at Ososim Limited and the Head of Software Design at DeepMind.


What Makes The Fetch Ai (Fet) Cryptocurrency Unique?

The FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY utility token was designed to create, deploy, and train the digital twins. It is an essential part of the smart contracts and the oracles on the platform. With FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY, the users can deploy and build their digital twins on the network. The developers can access the machine learning-based utilities with the FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY tokens to train the autonomous digital twin and deploy the collective intelligence on the network. The validation nodes are also enabled by staking the FET tokens, facilitating network validation and reputation. 

What Are The Four Distinct Elements Of The Fetch Ai (Fet) Cryptocurrency?

The following are the main elements of the FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY: 

  1. The Digital twin framework provides the modular components that help the teams build skills, marketplaces, and intelligence for the digital twins to connect.
  2. The Open economic framework provides the discovery and search functions to the digital twins.
  3. The Digitial twin metropolis- It is a collection of smart contracts that run on a WASM (Web Assembly) virtual machine to maintain an immutable record of agreements between the digital twins
  4. The Fetch.ai Blockchain combines multi-party cryptography and the game theory to provide safe and secure, censorship-resistant consensus and some rapid chain syncing that will support the digital twin applications.

When it comes to the core components of the FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY platform, there is a learner where each user is the learner in the experiment. It represents a unique private dataset and a machine learning system. The global market also results from a collective learning experiment when the machine learning model is trained collectively by all the users. Furthermore, the FETCH AI (FET) CRYPTOCURRENCY blockchain is a blockchain network that supports intelligent contracts, securely permitting coordination and governance.


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