Top 5 Celebrities Yachts and Their Worth in 2022

Luxury yachts symbolise power as well as wealth. Now it’s a matter of status among wealthy people, sports, business people, and showbiz celebrities to own a luxury yacht. Being a celebrity means getting some great perks that usually come with the big paychecks that stars are famous for.

One of the celebrity’s most expensive and coveted benefits is his ability to buy a yacht. Many of us can afford a nice boat but can’t afford the most costly and exclusive Yacht. Many people rent a yacht for the year. Some celebs have enough money to buy the most expensive boats in the world. Read this article to learn about the most luxurious yacht or Home that Best Celebrities own.

5 Elegant Yachts Owned by Top Celebrities in the World

Celebrities are always concerned with maintaining their status by bringing luxuries into their lives. Owed an elegant yacht is a part of celebrities’ status, so let’s discuss the celebrities who owned their yachts.


#1. Giorgio Armani (Maìn)

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Main was built by Codecasa in 2008. The main has the unusual peculiarity of being partly designed by its owner but owned by fashion designer Giorgio Armani – one of the greatest icons in fashion history. Given that, this is not surprising.

The design is undoubtedly the highlight of Main. One of the most beautiful yachts in the world, this yacht has a dark green colour that helps camouflage it at sea.

Armani worked meticulously with the designers’ studios, his de la Rolle and Ortelli on his design of the interior of the 65-meter yacht. Asian aesthetics, such as simple colour schemes and Japanese-style low tables, dominate the décor of all guest rooms and the main salon. Armani and his eponymous brand designed blinds, windows and furniture. 


There are seven suites for 12 people. So there is enough space to arrange the celebration party or any get together with friends and family members.

#2. Tiger Woods (Privacy)

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Privacy is known for hosting legendary golfers on important tours among the most famous celebrity-owned luxury yachts.

Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in March 2022, Woods has won the 2019 PGA Championship in Long Island, the 2018 US Open at Shinnecock Hills and the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot. Woods bought Privacy in 2004. He paid $20 million for his 48-meter-long ship. There are five cabins for ten people. The hot tub on deck can accommodate 8 guests at night. A yacht gym helps Woods maintain his fitness routine while on board.


#3. David Geffen (Rising Sun)

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At 138 meters long, the Rising Sun is one of the most celebrity superyachts. Built in 2004, Geffen purchased it from Oracle founder Larry Ellison six years after.

David Geffen is a founder of Geffen Records and co-founder of DreamWorks Pictures. He bought rising sun, and after purchasing Rising Sun, he used it to host some famous Hollywood friends, including Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Katie Perry, and Chris Rock. Geffen paid $590 million for the superyacht, according to Esquire. However, Forbes valued it at $570 million in 2020. Even Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the wealthiest men in the world, was spotted vacationing with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in 2019.

Rising Sun was built by German shipbuilder Lürssen and designed by Seccombe Design. Its exterior shows some technical masterpieces and bears the signature of Jon Bannenberg of  Bannenberg & Rowell.

The Upper Deck is designed entirely for her use. We have a luxurious room for 18 people. The guest cabins are designed with direct access to the outer side of the ship, while the rest of the cabins are sheltered from the weather. The ship has a spa, gym, recesses, swimming platform, and double-height cinema. Rising Sun can cruise easily at 26 knots; its top speed is 30 knots.

#4. Sergey Brin (Dragonfly)

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The Google co-founder reportedly bought the yacht in 2009. Named after the project launched by the tech giant to bring a censored search engine to China, the Dragonfly measures 73.3 meters and is one of the most fuel-efficient ships at sea.

 Like other luxury celebrity yachts, the Dragonfly is equipped for a luxurious stay. However, it is best known and even widely respected for playing a pivotal role in disaster relief efforts as part of her Global Support and Development team of former military personnel.

According to The Daily Beast, the yacht delivered 62 tons of freshwater to Vanuatu when Hurricane Pam hit. The Dragonfly crew helped build shelters in island villages. This mission started the GSD.

Since then, Brin has reportedly used the GSD for relief efforts worldwide, including in earthquake-hit Ecuador and the hurricane-hit Bahamas. The yacht was valued at $80 million in 2020.

#5. Rafael Nadal (Great White)

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Rafael Nadal turned 34 in 2020, and he gifted himself a luxurious Great White yacht. It reportedly cost him $6.2 million. 

Rafael Nadal Is one of the most famous celebrities who owned yachts. His 23.95-meter vessel was built by Sunreef in Poland and delivered to Nadal’s home island of Mallorca, Spain.

The yacht’s 371.6-square-meter living space is dominated by Spaniards’ favourite colours: beige, coffee and cream. The Great White flybridge has sun loungers for guests and features a fully stocked wet bar and grill. There is also a spa pool with a waterfall.

The ship has four luxuriously appointed guest cabins for ten people. Like other large yachts,  Great White has a jet, skis and a complete toy set in his garage.


Which celebrity has the most expensive yacht?

The most expensive yacht among the celebrities in the world belongs to Sergey Brin named Dragonfly. Its price is about $80 million.

Which celebrity owns more than one yacht?

Abramovich is the owner of superyachts Solaris and Sussurro both. The Russian billionaire has owned many yachts and has probably become the owner of the most megayachts in his lifetime.

Wind Up

I hope you may know about the most luxurious yachts in the world that are owned by famous celebrities to maintain their status. Every yacht we discussed above has all the comforts and luxuries of life. Celebrities owned them to host different parties and to spend their vacations peacefully.

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