5 Best Laptops For Small Business in 2022 – A Complete Guide

If you need a new laptop for your small business, you are at the right place. The best business laptops make working easy and convenient without worrying about your hardware specifications. You need a portable device to meet your most demanding computing needs and keep your work safe.

If you want a laptop for your high workflow business, consider the best business laptops 2022 offers.

While many professionals have moved to more consumer devices over the years, these notebooks combine performance, flexibility, and, most importantly, security like no other provides.


You may be using a cheaper laptop for work. They are less secure and may not meet your productivity needs. Go for the latest models, As they are thinner, lighter, easier to carry, and as portable as most prosumer options.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Laptop for Small Business?

Our experts prepare the following guideline for different hardware for you. You must choose the proper hardware for your laptop according to your business workflow.


The CPU is the first thing to look for when buying a small business laptop. You must ensure the CPU is powerful enough to handle all your needed tasks. Small business owners often multitask and need a CPU that can handle it.


The CPU gives the laptop the power of its brain. A more powerful processor allows laptops to perform calculations and tasks faster. Many PC manufacturers offer laptops on the Intel vPro® platform with the latest Intel® Core ™ processors. Business class devices mean a more stable experience, the difference between a responsive and slow computer. A sound processor can also help optimise your laptop’s memory (RAM)  to improve performance.


Laptops should provide as much storage space as possible. However, memory speed is as important as memory size.

The memory can be either a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD). Hard drives cost less, but they contain mechanical components that affect the speed at which your computer accesses data. SSDs are faster, lighter, and smaller but more expensive. Given team productivity, improving SSD performance can outweigh the cost differences.


Operating System

If you are running a new operating system on your old PC, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of productivity and security fully. Meet the needs of your entire team with a reliable Windows-based operating system on the Intel vPro® platform with Intel® Core ™ processors. Enjoy seamless compatibility, the highest level of device interoperability, and a wide range of software.

Battery Life

Some laptop batteries take away freedom from portability by warning all outlets. Others work all day and even overtime, but with a single battery charge. Screen Brightness, Size, Number of running programs and amount of media you play on the laptop are some factors that affect the battery life. In particular, the choice of processor and the operating system determines your laptop’s battery life.


Random access memory (RAM) plays an essential role in PC performance. As a PC’s memory, more RAM means that the PC can support more programs running simultaneously. You must use a minimum of 8 GB of Ram in your laptop to be workable for all your business activities.

Top 5 Laptops for Your Small Business

Our Expert team tested different laptops of different brands. After testing, they concluded that the following five are the best laptops for small businesses:

#1. LG Gram 17

LG Gram 17
Image reference: lg.com

Cost: $2400

A regular laptop display is not enough, even if you have a small business. You need something with additional screen space. Let me introduce LG Gram17. It represents the pinnacle of laptop design and features a 17-inch (2560 x 1600) display that is 17.8 mm thick and weighs 1.35 kg.

The LG Gram 16 is also great if you want something smaller. It features the latest Intel Tiger Lake processor, up to 16GB of RAM and a high-end model bumper 1TB SSD. If that’s not enough, the 80Wh cell’s battery life is also excellent. The two biggest complaints about the 2020 model, substandard trackpads and speakers, have also been addressed by LG, making it the best big-screen laptop you can buy.

Pros Cons
Large DisplayExpensive
Attractive and Lighter 
Great Performance 

#2. Huawei MateBook 14s

Huawei MateBook 14s
Image Reference: suara.com

Cost: $2150

The MateBook 14s are the best laptops you can buy for your small business setup. It’s one of the few consumer laptops with a 90Hz display and a 14.2-inch, 2560×1680 display that is smoother and more responsive. It works with Intel’s 11th generation chips (choose i5 or i7) for excellent performance without a separate GPU.

The keyboard is also one of the best you can find, and Huawei has put the webcam back in the right place on display. Also, with a body of 1.43 kg, you can take advantage of all-day battery life and quad speakers.

High-PerformanceSmall Battery life
Best quality keyboard 
Integrated all ports 

#3. Apple MacBook Air M1

Apple MacBook Air M1
Image reference: reviewed.com

Cost: $999

The MacBook Air has transformed from a rugged everyday machine to one of the most powerful laptops you can buy after launching the M1 chip. Apple’s new processor offers incredible performance and energy efficiency improvements compared to the Intel version, significantly extending battery life.  Much of the device hasn’t changed, but you’ll get an improved Magic Keyboard.

Everything is included at no additional charge. This avoids additional software costs. However, your webcam and port selection are inappropriate, even if you are limited to only one external display. You can also consider the Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, which comes in 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch models.

High-PerformanceLimited port Selection
Great Battery Life 
Built-in Softwares 

#4. Huawei MateBook X Pro

Huawei MateBook X Pro
Image reference: gsmarena.com

Cost: $1600

Huawei has recreated a luxurious laptop suitable for business users who want almost everything high-end. The design is particularly appealing, and if you want to make a statement at a meeting, the X Pro is for you.

It also offers enough power with up to Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM, Nvidia MX250 graphics, and 1TB of storage. The webcam is unnaturally placed here, but we also love the keyboard. So if you need to make regular video calls, this is not a good choice.

Fantastic PerformancePoor Web Cam Performance
Great Battery Performance 
Attractive Design 

#5. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
Image reference: amazon.in

Cost: $1350

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the best 2-in-1 laptop you can buy, but it’s also great for business use. As the name implies, it has a hinge that rotates 360 degrees so that you can use it at an angle according to your workflow. The powerful 11th generation Intel chip delivers excellent performance, and the 68Wh cell provides outstanding battery life.

The included S-Pen is magnetically attached to the back of the device for easy note-taking and digital art creation. It’s not exceptionally bright, but the Full HD AMOLED display is also impressive. Especially at this premium price, it would be great to have a dedicated GPU. However, this is worth considering unless you need a business laptop for the most demanding tasks.

Great PerformancePoor Display Quality
Great Battery LifeNo Dedicated CPU
Stylus Support 


Which Laptop brand is best?

Following are some brands that are famous for their performance and Reliability:

  • Apple
  • HP
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • MSI
  • Microsoft Surface
Is the Toshiba Satellite C55-C5390 Laptop a good choice to buy?

Yes, Because of its wide display,  Bluetooth facility and LED Technology, it can be a good choice to buy as there are good reviews of Toshiba Satellite Laptops.

What should you not do on a business laptop?
  • Do not save personal passwords.
  • Do not whine, overshare and business secrets on messaging software.
  • Do not access free public Wi-Fi.
  • Do not work on your side hustle.

Wind Up

I hope after reading this article you are now able to buy the best laptop according to the need of your small business. In your first step, you must have to decide your need. Once you successfully determine your need, you can easily choose a laptop.

Still, if you are confused and have queries in mind, please visit our comment section.

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