Is Twitter the next Trillion Dollar Company?

Twitter was finally acquired by Elon Musk for $42 billion. Can Elon turn this investment into a $Trillion? The answer is most probably yes. Here are some reasons why?

Image credits: Economic Times & Reuters

1) Blue mark

It is just a start. Elon will definitely be going to charge more for more features. I know people are complaining but they will come in line with it sooner or later. Remember LinkedIn is charging between $29 to $100 a month.


2) Creators

Elon wants to make money because he wants to pay creators to pay for creating content on Twitter. right now youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok is the favorite ways of creators to make money if these people start creating content for Twitter the user & time spent on the platform are going to increase. Bringing Vine back is a part of this strategy

3) Facebook is getting crushed

Facebook Lost $800 billion in market cap. They invested over $30 billion in Meta & it’s not getting any traction at all. Creators from those platforms gonna come to Twitter. Also, people who “really” support free speech are gonna come to Twitter because people trust far more to Elon than they trust Zuckerburg

4) Layoffs

Since Elon come he fired more than 3000 people just to cut costs. I don’t think so He might want to move Twitter’s headquarter from Silicon Valley to Texas or Florida’s less regulated & business-friendly states. That way he will save so much on taxes & can also get talent at cheaper rates compare to California


5) Elon himself

He knows how to build companies, and he knows how to make money. Built Tesla, a $Trillion company(at its peak) surely will reach that valuation soon. He can attract talent the way know one can attract a lot of smart minds in the world who wants to work with him. All this will help him to improve Twitter as a result it will grow into a $Trillion company.

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