Pros and Cons of Selling a House As-Is

It can take time to decide whether to sink valuable time and money into touching up a house before putting it on the market. After all, many circumstances can come together to make that a worse decision than acting immediately. On the other hand, refusing to wait can end badly, too. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of selling a house as-is so you can decide for yourself!

All the pros of selling a house as-is

Immediate start of the sale process

The first argument in favor of selling a house as-is would be getting it on the market as soon as possible. You may, after all, be in a hurry to sell, which is often the case if you are trying to buy and sell simultaneously. Waiting will seem like a horrible idea if you rush to secure funds to make your own bid. And if you want to take a more cautious approach to a sale, it can take months before all the minor renovations are finally complete and a house is ready to go on the market. Of course, even in these circumstances, you can still follow easy steps to declutter your home and put minimal work into boosting its appeal.

Paying for a house
An as-is sale, if successful, is the fastest road to payment.

Much lower expenses

Of course, the second reason to skip all the renovations and other stuff would be the associated costs. Many sellers claim that investing in renovation is a surefire return once the house is on the market. Is this the case, though? In reality, most renovations only generate about eighty to ninety percent returns.


The whole point is to make your property more competitive on the market. Expecting any close to your investment back, or even more, than you’d invested, is purely wishful thinking. Now, renovations can boost the overall price of your home, and that is true. And in rare cases, it is possible to pay off. But you’re better off using personal finance apps for budgeting more carefully and saving money than gambling on making a profit.

A rundown house
Of course, an as-is sale is impossible for houses in terrible condition.

Eliminating the strain of renovation

Renovation is not just expensive. You also have to consider how it affects you and your family.

After all, you would likely only be able to move out quickly. You may be doing them before ever putting your property on the market, which means putting up with an ongoing renovation. If you have allergies? We’ll tell you right now you should give up. Dust will be everywhere! It will even be challenging to pack things away to protect them from the dust. And even if shifting items around will offer a perfect chance to go through them and consider selling items online when moving to make some money too, that’s hardly worth it. Putting up with allergens and constant noise is far more complicated than you’d at first expect!


All the cons of selling a house as-is

The pickier market

The first of the cons of selling a house as-is is the pickier market we are currently dealing with. After the initial buying craze provoked by the end of the pandemic, everyone is trying their best to learn more about homeownership and make informed purchases. That, naturally, means that people are far more selective when it comes to houses they are even willing to consider for purchase.

If you want to sell as-is? That’s fine, but the drawbacks of a home not in top condition will reveal themselves.

Namely, you can expect the offers to be much lower than anticipated. That will reflect poorly on your purchasing plans unless you do enough to offset the damage well in advance. And you can avoid all this entirely just by doing some basic renovation!


An open house sign
Selling a house as-is makes it impossible to use the open house period properly.

Fewer potential buyers

First and foremost, you can expect many people to give up on making an offer as soon as they hear you sell the home. After all, this strongly implies that even if they insist on home inspections and serious problems surface, they would only be making a more informed purchase rather than being able to convince you to do renovations yourself. And for most buyers, this is a deal breaker. Think about it from their perspective.

Are you willing to commit to a considerable expense for large renovation projects right after purchasing a home?

The answer is probably no, and for a good reason. No one’s budget is limitless. And if they have to spend that much cash, most would prefer to buy a newer home in better condition. Then, there is the general decline in interest we touched on already.

Waiting time

The final cons concern selling a house as-is invariable becomes the waiting time. While you can get the property onto the market quickly, you are still determining if it will sell quickly. In reality, it is standard for as-is houses to remain in need for a while before it gets a good offer and the sale concludes. Are you in a hurry? The waiting time can make you regret not investing a few days into minor renovations! Ultimately, this particular ‘con’ comes down to the current popularity of your local housing market. It might not be an issue if the market fully swings and operates smoothly. On the other hand, if the market is in its off-season and there are very few potential buyers, that’s when problems appear.

Final comment

Now that you know the pros and cons of selling a house, you can decide! Just remember to properly account for both sides of the argument before you do come up with a final decision.

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