Dovid (Douglas) Hoffman

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Since 1997 Douglas Hoffman has been delivering organizational and leadership development programs to organizations of virtually every sort, across a broad range of industries and professions. His work focused on the ability to produce results through the building of effective teams, through effective leadership and a true partnership between leadership and management. He studies were in Developmental and Neuro Psychology at Rockefeller University and Bennington College. However, his methodology was developed either through the experience of running organizations, both nonprofit and for profit or the experience of working side by side with leaders in their organizations to produce results that had previously been elusive. For 10 years he studied and utilized a hybrid of the methodologies of Werner Ehrhart, his own experience and particularly the work of Dr. Allan Scherr and Dr. Michael Jensen (Scherr, Allan L. and Jensen, Michael C., A New Model of Leadership (August 22, 2007)) and worked side by side with Allan in projects from NYC to Pune, India. The practical mentorship of Dr. Allan Scherr was invaluable in his development of his own methodology for training and developing leadership and task teams. Dovid has lead programs for the Swedish Defense Research Agency, trained leaders at Barclays Bank, worked with members of the Nepalese Constitutional Congress and the and prepared programs for the United Nations, worked with manufacturers, Universities, Corporations both public and private, research scientists, governmental negotiators and numerous other sectors. His work took him to India, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Turkey, And numerous other places on four continents. In 2008 he took over an essentially dormant consulting company, (ALS Consulting) and built it into a global consultancy by identifying and mentoring team members in: NY, CA, London, Mumbai and Stockholm. It remained a small company but had a large impact. In 2015, Dovid resigned from his position as leader and principal consultant of ALS Consulting, to free him up to document and refine his own methods without the intellectual property constraints that were inherent in that firm’s agreements. A Hassidic Jew, Dovid has brought together in his work, the lessons of leadership science and the lessons of Torah and Hebrew Mystical texts. He is preparing launch the new international brand based on the updated work and lessons learned over the past 25 years The work of Dovid’s consultancy has always been focused on producing measurable results of value at the highest levels in the organization. The method has involved training and coaching teams to alter their capacity by developing problem solving, innovation and ownership. He is an expert in building self-perpetuating teams that develop future leadership from within.