Connecting All the World’s Distributed Ledgers with Quant

What Is Quant, and Why Is It So Innovative in the Field of Technology?

A network and operating program called Quant (QNT) was first officially confirmed in 2018. It is a way for people to use different types of blockchains together. An interoperability solution is exactly what this project aims to provide for blockchain systems. Because it is a plug-and-play solution, and it can be used to bridge the gap between multiple different blockchains and corporate applications without requiring teams to invest in additional infrastructure.

This allows different blockchain technologies to communicate with each other through Quant Over ledger API gateway, which comprises a list of DLTs and APIs that keeps getting added to. This is accomplished without jeopardizing any chain’s autonomy, efficiency, or speed, ensuring that each keeps its distinct qualities in the process.

Decentralized multi-chain apps (Mapps) can be constructed by developers and enterprises in the Over ledger ecosystem, which serves as the foundation for a future digital economy. Tokens of Quant (QNT) will be needed to become part of the Over Ledger. They will be used to pay both the platform use fee and the annual registration fee for the Over Ledger platform.


How Is Quant Connecting All the World’s Distributed Ledgers with Quant?

Decentralized networks can be smoothly linked together using the Overledger DLT gateway provided by Quant. Whether they employ blockchain, DAG, or some other protocol as their distributed ledger technology of choice, Quant’s primary product is the Overledger Enterprise platform. The company touts as the world’s first distributed ledger technology (DLT) gateway for businesses.

Companies may simply connect their existing systems to the blockchain using our straightforward API gateway to numerous distributed ledgers. In addition, the platform provides a simple-to-use REST API, which allows users to communicate with a broad range of blockchains in a standardized manner.

Enterprise Solutions from Quant

As part of its efforts, the Quant team is developing enterprise applications that will allow their users to take advantage of the decentralized nature of the Quant platform while also having the capacity to deliver operability across numerous chains. Some of the possible fields of interest are still under development, but some of them include:


  • Decentralized messaging system.
  • Gateways for fiat cash transactions.
  • An identity broker provides a blockchain access authorization and authentication solution.
  • Information systems in the field of medicine.

What Are Quant Tokens?

A Quant Token (QNT) is a token used to gain access to a certain service or application (Mapp) on this platform. Users and developers alike have access to the same information. It will be possible to pay an annual subscription based on a defined quantity of fiat cash in terms of the total number of tokens. 

The number of users, token values, and the number of tokens in circulation may affect the total number of tokens required to access its QNT platform and applications. Quant is currently trading at $217.19, up 25.99% in the last 24 hours, with a market capitalization of $2.6 billion. It has a total supply of 12,072,738 units in circulation. 


Few projects have an entirely self-governed treasury like Quant. The Quant ecosystem is being directed by investors in the Quant economy, allowing them to contribute to its progress. This is designed as one of several Mapps that are running on the blockchain simultaneously.


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