Leap Finance Can Make Your Overseas Studies a Reality

While planning for higher education in a foreign country, students’ biggest obstacle is funding their education and stay. While financial aid and scholarship can help you receive funding, securing its approval is highly uncertain. Here’s where Leap Finance comes into the picture. 

“You have to dream before your dreams come true.”

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

What is Leap Finance?

Leap Finance came into being in 2019. Despite being at a nascent stage, Leap Finance’s solid business model captured investor interest, and they have managed to raise capital to the tune of US$75 million from investors like Sequoia Capital India, Jungle Ventures, and Owl Ventures. 


The company disburses low-interest loansto Masters-level Indian students in the USA and Canada. It also facilitates the opening of US bank accounts from India. Incidentally, a US bank account is ten times better than a forex card. The following section discusses the features and benefits of Leap Finance’s education loan and US bank account. 

Leap Finance Student Education Loan and US Bank Account Features

Leap Finance is the preferred lending partner of students willing to receive collateral-free loans. You can apply for a low-interest student loan to fulfill your dream of foreign studies without any hassle. While conventional lenders charge around 13% interest rate on student education loans,Leap Finance offers such loans at a nominal interest rate of 8.25% to 9.85%. 

Leap Finance education loan finances up to 100% of your cost of study, including tuition fees, books, supplies, hostel, transportation, and personal expenses. Since this loan is collateral-free, you do not need to pledge any asset or include a co-signer. Leap Finance evaluates your GRE score, academic performance history, and employment experience (if any) to determine the interest rate and loan approval.  


With an education loan from Leap Finance, you can study in 93 universities and choose from 2200+ programs in the US. 

Besides student loans, Leap Finance also simplifies US bank account opening without SSN. A US bank account makes it convenient for you to pay your tuition fees and rent from India. Since there are no hidden charges, you can save up to US$329 every year. Moreover, the money you keep in the bank account is insured up to US$250,000. The bank account comes loaded with free ATM withdrawals, online applications, the lowest forex charges, internet banking, and a mobile app. 

How to Get Started With Leap Finance

Leap Finance is a comprehensive resource to find everything you want to know about student education loans and US bank accounts. Applying for a student loan is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is submit the application online, accept the offer, have a personal discussion with the credit team, upload the I-20 and visa, sign the loan contract and wait for the loan approval. Leap Finance sends your tuition fee and living expenses directly to the university before you board the flight to the US.    


So, what are you waiting for? Welcome the world of opportunities by availing a low-interest student loan from Leap Finance.

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