Choose Equipment To Live Stream Wedding

The pandemic and resultant travel restrictions impacted the lives of common people more deeply than one can sit and think about it. Everything we did in person converted to virtual attendance, including being present at the wedding of a close friend or a loved one. 

People chose to be present, albeit online, to attend a wedding that they would have attended in person had travel restrictions and safety precautions not become a norm. 

What is a live-stream wedding? 

When a wedding is telecasted live for others in distant geographical locations to watch it on a real-time basis, it is called a live stream wedding. When the event is live-streamed, relatives and friends spread across the world can participate in the wedding. More people can watch a wedding when it is streamed live. 


Advantages of live streaming a wedding

Live streaming of an event, even a personal one such as a wedding, has its set of advantages which can be considered. When opting for a wedding live stream Sydney, some of the benefits of streaming a wedding are:

  • Budget control

By live streaming your wedding, you can scale down the physical in-person guest list and trim it to a close-knit group. The rest of the important guests can be invited to check the link to the wedding. In this manner, everyone gets to participate and yet the wedding is very intimate with only a few core members of the family and friends attending in person. 

  • Flexible

When an event can be trimmed and live-streaming controls the budget, there is more flexibility to spend on other things that can accentuate and personalize the wedding as per the bride and groom’s preferences. There are more resources available to spend on the wedding dress, decor, and photographer. 


  • Personal notes

The largest expense at a wedding usually is the food and beverages. A large in-person list of attendees will exacerbate the bill. But if the bride and groom choose to keep the real event small and restrict it to a few core members representing their close ones and the rest are invited to join the live stream, then there is more scope for personalization. 

While it is said that trimming the guest list gives one the scope to spend on decor and photography, there are also budget possibilities to give wedding memorabilia as gifts to both in-person and virtual guests. 

How to live stream a wedding?

There are many options to live stream a wedding in this digital age. The option to outsource the responsibility to a professional or DIY has to be taken based on prior experience and time at hand.


Here are a few tips to handle the live streaming of a wedding:
  1. Professional services

Many wedding planner packages are offering photographer and videographer services. Asking them to customize it to set up a live-streaming service will add value to the wedding. A professional who understands lights, camera angles, and possible positions of the gear for a seamless video of a live stream, can handle the task much better than others.

  1. Amateur friends

We all have a friend who is good at camera skills and can shoot some great moments. They are the ones who have the best short reels to showcase on their social media accounts amongst a group of friends. In your wedding seek the help of this friend who may gladly like to pitch in as the in-house photo and videographer. They can also set up the system for seamless live streaming of your wedding so that your loved ones do not miss it. 

Choosing gear to live stream a wedding

There are numerous platforms where a wedding can be streamed live without any charge. One can choose a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, as per the convenience and possible outreach of the virtual invitees. 

A DSLR Camera, a smartphone with good camera output, a couple of tripods, a gimbal, memory cards, charging dockets, and a white umbrella with a bulb holder and stands are some of the gear that one can use to stream a wedding. Most of the equipment is available to photography enthusiasts. One can borrow it from friends instead of buying it. If hiring a professional, then they will bring their equipment.


When a wedding is live-streamed, many people who are not able to travel because of visa restrictions or immobility because of age or health conditions can witness the wedding of their loved one, from the comfort of their homes.

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