7 Things That Make Your House Look Outdated

Abigail Williams

In this day and age, a lot of different styles rule the world of interior design. And that’s a beautiful thing. Whether you like a rustic or modern vibe, your taste will find its place in an expansive sky of beautiful interiors. But there are some things that you still need to watch out for. Here are seven things that make your house look outdated.

1. Overabundance of photographs

It’s easy to go overboard when decorating with framed images, even while they’re a great way to add a personal touch. Make a carefully arranged gallery wall instead to commemorate your most memorable experiences. One of the great things is acquiring a digital frame if you have a lot of pictures and want to display them all. It can be a great addition to your thoughtful and modern home. They provide enough space for a slideshow of your most treasured photos.

Photos on the wall.
Too many photos are things that make your house look outdated.

2. Outdated appliances

Home appliances that seem old or have finishes and colors that have gone out of style are other things that make your house look outdated and may be a turnoff to potential buyers and lower a home’s value. Places that use outdated color schemes are easy to spot. The most common indicators are the following colors:


  • harvest gold
  • turquoise
  • avocado green

If you have some of these in your home, it might be best to consider replacing them with more modern alternatives. You don’t have to change all of them right away, and you can continually update your collection. Especially if your significant other likes to cook, you can surprise them from time to time with a new and chic appliance that will look amazing instead of outdated.

3. Worn our walls

Wall damage, such as chips, scuffs, and markings, may age the appearance of your home rapidly. Old-fashioned paint colors, such as a deep shade of beige or maroon, may make a property seem decades old. Some wallpaper from decades ago may have been stylish initially, but it may now seem worn and out-of-date. 

If you want to keep your house appearing modern, a new coat of paint and some wallpaper removal may do wonders. Think about going with a timeless design that won’t date quickly. Also, consider other qualities of colors and take advantage of them. For example, a blue hue of walls in a bedroom can help improve your sleep a lot, and it can be a quite fancy and fresh look for your space.


4. Plants made out of plastic or other materials

It’s tempting to replace real houseplants with fake ones if you have a hard time keeping real ones alive. But you might want to reconsider that. Bear in mind that having no plants is preferable to having phony ones. Put away your dusty fake plants and welcome some greenery into your home. You can choose from many great options that are not hard to keep alive. For example, start with a cute cactus and slowly build your botanical garden over time.

A lot of plants.
Adorable little cacti are resilient and great additions to your interior.

5. Old and unproportionate furniture

Styles in home furnishings constantly change as the years go by. If you take a good look, you’ll quickly observe that your favored couch is starting to show its age. Low-quality items that quickly lose their form and popular motifs and hues like enormous paisley or a dismal brown don’t make the ideal choice for your home’s aesthetic. Selecting high-quality furniture with simple lines is a quick way to refresh the look of any room. Don’t waste your money on big and flashy designs since they won’t stay long. 

Take a good look at the proportions

Another issue is proportions. Back in the day, people used to buy king-size beds to have a king-size bed. But a giant piece of furniture like that won’t look nice in a tiny room and can quickly make it feel outdated. So, the best solution is probably changing it to a smaller version, at least until you move to a place big enough for it. You can put it into storage while waiting, consult professionals and pack it safely, so it can stay for its moment to shine.


6. Wrong kind of light fixtures

If you want to see the right picture, you should go outdoors and take a dispassionate look at your home’s outside lighting. See, are they in decent shape? Is the lighting sufficient? How do the fittings compare to what you’d find in a brand-new house? It would help if you did a similar audit on the lighting in your home, including any ceiling lights, wall sconces, under-cabinet lights, and vanity lights.

Fluorescent and old-fashioned lights are things that make your house look outdated

The worst offenders in this regard are fluorescent and other old-fashioned overhead lights, which can make an otherwise lovely property seem cheap and out of this era. Changing your house’s lighting fixtures is a simple, low-cost approach to giving your home a new look. Also, if done right, it can be a game changer once you decide to sell your home, and it can boost the price and your profit quite a lot.

7. Drapes made of lace

When it comes to window treatments, lace was so last century. For a more up-to-date look, hang some white curtains made of linen or sheer material. Altering the curtain length may also have a noticeable effect on the overall aesthetic of your house. Wall-to-wall drapes are the ultimate luxury and will make any home seem more like a palace.

Drapes out of lace.
Lace drapes were once heavily used in all homes, but now they make your house look outdated.

Bottom line

It’s okay to be sentimental about some of the features in your home, and those are the very things that make your home – home. However, you can change some things that make your house look outdated with more modern ones and still achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With creativity, you can make something you’ll like even more.

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